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Best Viking Jewelry Under $40 of 2023

One of the major complaints we get from our readers regarding our viking jewelry is the lack of affordable options. Granted, since our focus is on wedding and engagement rings, being affordable is somewhat of an impossible task. As a result, we’ve been working on creating a comprehensive guide of some of our favorite affordable viking jewelry of 2020, aggregating those hidden gems in the field that are both inexpensive, yet showcase high quality and visual appeal.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Viking Pendants Under $40

viking jewelry raven crow round pendant necklace
  1. HAQUIL Viking Jewelry Raven Crow Round Pendant Necklace for Men and Women – $12.95

Ravens hold a fascinating and undeniable significance in viking history and norse mythology. Odin himself which had many names, was commonly known as the Raven God due to his trusted pair of Ravens Huginn and Muninn. Hughin which represented the power of wisdom and the continuous chase for information, and Muninn which represented the power of the mind and solving the puzzles of existing information.

This rounded pendant truly captures the beauty and appreciation the vikings had for Ravens, and is highly detailed for such an affordable price. It is constructed using skin friendly metal alloy, free of nickel. It is offered in a wide array of sizes and length.

wolf head necklace pendant by loyeh

2. Wolf Head Necklace Pendant by Loyeh – $12.99

With a remarkable proven track of sophisticated jewelry manufacturing, LOYEH established itself as a brand that offers incredibly affordable jewelry with quality that should quite frankly be priced significantly more. The Wolf Pendant which is constructed using electroplating consists of high-quality copper chan and a highly detailed wolf head made of titanium steel, reminiscent of how wolves were portrayed in viking art forms further adorned with a “gem” like eye type of decoration.

handcrafted thors hammer mjolnir pendant necklace by norse tradesman

2. Handcrafted Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir Pendant Necklace by Norse Tradesman- $22.87

The eyesight test is where this rendition of Thor’s Hammer, or Mjolnir Pendant by Norse Tradesman has caught our eye. Simply stated, it’s quite a beauty, and upon further research we saw that despite its affordable pricing it is completely hand-made (forged ) using high-grade solid brass, enriched in both sides with intricate inlay patterns. Even better, the pendant contains threading of genuine leather straps that are adjustable. Add to that the Norse Tradesman are so confident in their creations that they offer a 100% money back guarantee and we got ourselves a winner.

Viking Bracelets Under $40

mjolnir thor hammer black leather viking bracelet

1. Mjolnir Thor Hammer Black Leather Viking Bracelet- $14.95

The Mjolnir Hammer Bracelet is, simply put, badass. It is made with nickel free stainless steel that is highly polished, combined to perfection with black leather. When considering the symbolism behind the mythology of thor’s hammer, strength and prosperity come to mind. And this piece is able to capture all that at decent quality and great visuals, while being budget friendly.

norse rune bracelet for men women by the wicked griffin

2. Norse Rune Bracelet for Men & Women by The Wicked Griffin- $25.00

We tend to steer away from Rune type jewelry at a low price range because of how many of them simply get it wrong. And yet, here comes an exception in the form of this Rune Viking Bracelet suitable for both men and women. Why you ask? For starters, it is completely handmade. Second, there’s great attention to details with 24 Elder Futhark Runes in the original order. Other reasons we chose to include this piece include the personal inscription availability, as well as 4 metal types to choose from (depending on your personal preference and budget).

viking snake serpent cuff bracelet for men and women by dawapara

3. Viking Snake Serpent Cuff Bracelet for Men/Women by Dawapara – $25.00

This piece by Dawapara showcases the artistic fashion in which the Vikings portrayed Snakes, or Serpent Heads. While not too revealing in regards to the technical details of its creation, Dawapara has managed to create a truly awe-inspiring viking bracelet. What we do know is that it’s nickel and lead free. It has an adjustable open end cuff design, and is suitable for both men and women.

mens viking pattern copper magnetic bracelets

4. Mens Viking Pattern Copper Magnetic Bracelets – $17.90

This Mens Copper Viking Pattern Bracelet is quite an interesting one. To be frank, we know nothing about the use of magnets or carpal tunnel & arthritis relief bracelets, we just think this piece is both awesome looking, and of tremendous quality for such an affordable price tag.

It is created and is constructed out of 99.9% pure Copper, and contains 6 rare earth magnets near the wrist area. And regardless of whether you believe the benefits of magnets in regards to health, it’s quite an awesome connection to nature & earth which is suitable for the Viking outlook. The open design allows for easily adjustable capabilities, and on top of it the piece is incredibly durable, to the point where the brand is so confident that they offer a 180 day money back guarantee.

Viking Earrings Under $40

viking shield nordic spiral sterling silver hook earrings

1. Viking Shield Nordic Spiral Sterling Silver Hook Earrings – $27.96

The idea to incorporate a Viking Shield as a set of hook earrings is already promising, and with a surprising use of high quality 925 nickel-free sterling silver at a 27$ price range now you got us hooked. In addition to the shield shape the piece also contains patterns meant to recreate some of the shield designs used by Vikings. It weighs around 5.4 Grams, and is ¾” High, and ¾”Wide.

viking horseshoe statement earrings

2. Viking Horseshoe Statement Earrings with Arrowhead  – $34.70

While getting close to what we set out in advance as budget friendly at 34$ it’s hard to come by a viking influenced statement earring for women, especially at a decent price. It is constructed using a process known as chill casting which was originally incorporated by the Scythians in the 1st Millennia BC. The extra care and attention to details in order to create this horseshoe inspired design are obviously noticeable, as well as the use of quality materials such as Sterling Silver.

valknut norse runes dangle earrings

3. Valknut Norse Runes Dangle Earrings  – $17.99

The Valknut is one of the most influential, yet mysterious symbols relating to viking mythology. Many theories have come to mind by historians with the help of archaeologists, but one common connection is Odin himself. Some interpret it as a symbol of the power over life and death, while others focus on the literal translation of Valknut, which says Knot of the Dead, or Fallen in Battle.

The Valknut Norse Runes Dangle Earrings manages to bring great justice to this fascinating symbol, with stamped .925 Sterling Silver, and extra focus on catering to those with sensitive skin as it’s nickel free. Another benefit is the subtle nature of this piece, which makes it universally a great fit for all outfits and seasons of the year. 30 Day money back guarantee also shows great confidence in the piece, which makes for a great gift for all occasions.

In Conclusion

While finding worth-while affordable viking jewelry is not easy, there are always some hidden treasures in the sea of products available today. Let us know if you found our tips helpful. We are most likely going to expand this into a series of blog posts. 

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