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Berserkers Too Violent Even for Viking Standards? – 10 Shocking Facts

Exploring the Viking warrior culture cannot be done only through the stories of their great kings and warriors. To entirely get the big picture, one needs to also have a look at the history of the berserkers, an extremely violent and wild sect of Norsemen.

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Shield-maidens: Top Five Female Warriors in Viking History

Mainstream history is full of praises of great Viking warriors and the battles they fought. For most people, the word Viking means a ferocious warrior with horns on his battle helmet and a gigantic battle axe. At the same time, that same mainstream history speaks little to nothing for the evenly brave shield-maidens


Top 3 Bloodiest Viking Battles in History – As Recorded By Ancient Scholars

Here we look at some of their greatest and bloodiest battles that helped shape Europe. The battles mentioned here are recorded by historians and scholars that lived during the Viking age. There are other stories of even greater battles, but they remain on the fringe of mythology and true history.


The Family Life of Vikings

Contrary to the popular image most people have of vikings in their mind, a typical day would not mean fighting and killing people from dust till dawn. Neither does their characterization as unhygienic and constantly drunk fit historical records.

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