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We believe in full transparency. Since our goal has and always will be to find, review, and recommend only the finest viking jewelry frim around the world we’ve decided from the get go, to work as affiliates linking to such diverse, secure, and reliable entities such as Etsy & Amazon.

While many of the products have been purchased and tested due to a mixture of quality assurance and genuine fascination with each piece, it’s impossible for us to do so for all. For the rest, we go through the longevity of established vendors, their reputation & customer reviews, flexible shipping worldwide, fair pricing, and of course, beautiful and high-quality products that exhibit Viking design patterns.

The answer is yes to some, but no to the majority of the pieces offered throughout the site. When we promote genuine Viking Jewelry artifacts we mention such terms as real & authentic. In other cases, you will either come across well thought of and executed recreations, or unique, high-quality beautiful pieces that we feel have successfully captured the Viking essence. 

Such cases are quite rare. We will gladly support you if you need assistance in such cases, but as this is an affiliate website we do not ship, stock, or are liable to any of the products listed. Instead, you deal with the specific vendors on amazon and etsy which due to such large backing can cater to your issues in a faster, more professional manner.

One of the best advantages of being an affiliate specialized site is that our products are purchased on the most secure e-commerce platforms in the world. No payment, or contact information is stored nor processed through our site, and your desired payment method is processed outside the site via large, trust-worthy, massive platforms.

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