Viking inspired wedding jewelry

Whether you’re a fan of Viking culture or want a nonconformist wedding theme, Viking culture features a wide range of symbols and elements you can integrate into your wedding celebration. The Viking jewellery found at historic burial sites show that jewellery pieces had multiple roles in the Viking culture, including social status and spirituality and they featured both zoomorphic and vegetal elements, in combination with geometric, twisting and interwoven patterns.

The pieces of jewellery the Viking wore continue to inspire, even today, craftsmen around the globe. A wide range of Viking wedding jewellery pieces can be found online, both for men and women, so let’s see some impressive Viking inspired wedding jewellery pieces you can proudly wear at your wedding.

Viking Earrings and Ear Cuffs for Weddings

The Vikings actually did not wear earrings until they got in contact with other cultures and adopted this kind of body adornment. Their artisans successfully integrated their symbols into the earring models they crafted, and nowadays, there are plenty of Viking inspired earring models available. You can easily find Viking earrings featuring Yggdrasil, the Troll Cross, the Triple Horn of Odin or the Fylfot Cross (Viking swastika). Ear cuffs can be engraved with runes, holding symbolic messages or even partner’s name.


Viking Wedding Bands and Rings

Braided Wedding Band by MoonkistDesigns on Etsy

Being among the wedding’s central elements, you can choose your wedding bands to be statement pieces of art. On the Viking inspired wedding bands, you can simply engrave your partner’s name or you can “encrypt” your vows in Rune symbols, you can combine text messages with Viking symbols or you can just feature the classic Viking patterns: zoomorphic, vegetal or geometric, for example. Note that you can use a wide range of materials for crafting your wedding bands, such as ivory, metal, stone or even wood. It’s up to you and your partner! Check out this beautiful, delicate braided wedding band and the “puzzle” wedding band set featuring the Yggdrasil tree.

Neck rings were other essential jewellery pieces for the Vikings, and they often had at both ends the head of a snake or a wolf (different models have been discovered in burial sites, too) and twisting shapes on their length. Pendants is that category of Viking jewellery that includes an extensive range of models, and they were often made with gods’ images or protective symbols: Wheels of the Sun (symbol for prosperity, wealth and success), Moon Swastika (a female symbol for goddesses), Frigg (gods’ mother, Odin’s wife, awakens the intuition and brings love and peace in families) or Frey (fertility’s goddess, it is said that enhanced sensuality and attraction).

Viking Brooches on Wedding Outfits

Brass Clasp “Eydis”; Oval Brooche sold by armstreet on Etsy

Brooches were one of the most common pieces of jewellery worn by the Vikings. They had two main functionalities: decorative pieces and fastening or holding the pieces of clothing (such as cloaks) around oneself. The brooches can be worn both by women and men and usually feature the twisting snakes or elements with strong symbolism.

Viking Pendants

Tree Pendant in Sterling Silver by MasterArks on Etsy

These pieces of jewellery were not often encountered in Viking outfits, as archaeologists explain that in the early ages they did not wear earrings at all. As they expanded their territories and met other peoples wearing earrings, they adopted these adornment objects and also started crafting them. There have been discovered in the burial sites both simple silver earrings models, but also featuring little stones and charms and even a particular type of earring that covered the entire ear.

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