Viking Wedding Rituals

Marriage was more than a simple factor in the Viking culture, it was primarily, a contractual agreement between the families of the groom and the bride….


The Family Life of Vikings

Contrary to the popular image most people have of vikings in their mind, a typical day would not mean fighting and killing people from dust till dawn. Neither does their characterization as unhygienic and constantly drunk fit historical records.


5 Viking myths and misconceptions debunked

When we think about the Vikings, we might have the mental image of blond fierce, bloodthirsty warriors, wearing metal armor and helmets with horns. But is that view correct? Let’s see how realistic this image we have about the Vikings is. Here are five widespread myths about the Vikings debunked!


What type of Jewelry did the viking wear?

The pieces of jewelry the Viking wore continue to inspire, even today, craftsmen around the globe. A wide range of Viking wedding jewelry pieces can be found online, both for men and women, so let’s see some impressive Viking inspired wedding jewelry pieces you can proudly wear at your wedding.

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