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Hand Forged Rustic Norse Ring for Men


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This masculine and exquisite ring is an exciting twist on the sometimes boring wedding and engagement rings available today. It’s fully hand forged and not manufactured in the least, from forging to cutting and grounding, using sterling silver at its base which is in turn black oxidized. It is meant to portray an all surrounding landscape  The color received as a result can be described as charcoal grey, a mixture of light and dark spots across.

The piece will grow slightly lighter in color throughout the years.  A truly bold ring with a masculine presence suitable for both everyday use, and most notably an ideal choice for a unique wedding band or ring, as well as engagement or promise rings.


The width of the ring varies according to your own specifications, from 4mm to 12mm. The ring size itself can also be customized according to your finger size. In addition, personal engraving can also be added.


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