Raw Fire Opal Viking Engagement and Wedding Ring
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Raw Fire Opal Viking Engagement and Wedding Ring


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This organic opal piece has a tremendous presence fitting as a token of passionate love, suitable as both a wedding ring, or 12 and 14th wedding celebrations.
This Raw Fire Opal Viking Wedding Ring lets it presence known through a superb color contrasting between the fiery raw red opal and the black oxidized silver with gold adornment.
So what do we mean by raw opal? to put it simply, this fire opal which is found in Mexico is completely natural and not meddled with, letting nature be displayed in all its glory. Due to its precious nature, the stone is enclosed in bezel to protect and enhance its lifespan.
This piece is completely handmade, and forged with fire to create a unique, yet equally stunning pattern each time.
Dimensions and Customizing
The ring band is 4mm with a slim solder joint, while the raw opal measures between 7-8mm. Multiple sizing options are available to fit perfectly.
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14K Gold, Gemstone, Sterling Silver