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Infinity Viking Wedding Band Made of Molten Sterling Silver
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Infinity Viking Wedding Band Made of Molten Sterling Silver


  • Infinity Twist Viking Wedding Band Design
  • Fully Hand-Made & Silver Forged
  • Made to Order Custom Sizing Options
  • Sterling Silver & Black Oxidized
  • Slim Solder Joint

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Combining the rustic and understated beauty of old Viking wedding bands with the modern popularity of infinity rings, the Infinity Molten Silver Viking Wedding Band is a stunning and affordable option for you or your loved ones.

It is available in a wide variety of width ranging from 4 to 6mm.


The entirety of the ring is made from a thick 1.6mm molten sterling silver which is then black oxidized and twisted to form the infinity symbol.

More Details:

Since each ring is completely hand made from scratch, each individual piece will be completely unique, while sharing resemblance to one another.
The ring is dark in nature but will turn into brighter silver over the years, which is also beautiful and shows the changing of the times. However, if you prefer to maintain its dark coloring, it can be easily achieved.


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