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Metal Viking Arm Ring Odin’s Ravens by Pakabone


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Pakabone are a highly established jewelry brand known for being able to offer incredibly well crafted jewelry at a wide range of pricing, and their series of norse armbands are no exception.

This piece features Odins Ravens through genuine Scandinavian artistry and is constructed out of scratch resistant material comprising almost entirely out of Pewter. It is suitable for both men and women, and makes for the ideal holiday gift.

This piece is adjustable up to 8.60″ wrist wear, and is made for everyday use thanks to its avoidance of any traces of nickel, lead or cadmium.

Pakabone also offer a replacement piece if for whatever reason your piece ended up damaged.
When measured, the size is adjustable from 6.50″(16cm) to 8.60″ (22cm).

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