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Tree of Life 14k Molten Gold Viking Wedding Band
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Tree of Life 14k Molten Gold Viking Wedding Band


◆ solid 14k gold ring in the gold color of your choice: lush yellow gold (pictured), cool white gold, or warm rose gold
◆ ring band made in the width of your choice with a thickness of 1.0mm
◆ thin enough for comfortable wear yet sturdy for every day and a lifetime
◆made to order in your size
◆ You can personalize this ring with an inside engraving

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Solid 14k gold ring with a molten surface and an organic character. Hand engraved with a tree of life.
Viking style wedding band, cool wedding ring, an engagement ring for men and women alike and perfect to be worn every day.
Unique & untamed.

This solid gold ring has a very unique surface, created by fire. Slimmer parts and wider parts, indentations, valleys, and mountains – all united in one ring. The surface resembles the Moon’s surface! It is also a homage to the Great Outdoors and Wilderness with trees, rocks, and sand!

Engraved with a rustic tree of life image. In Norse mythology, Yggdrasil – the tree of life – is an eternal green Ash tree. Its branches stretch out over all of the nine worlds in Norse mythology and extend up and above the heavens.
Your ring will be engraved with a unique tree of life image, slightly varying from ring to ring and making each one unique.

Every ring will be absolutely one of a kind as the surface is created by lucky coincidence and can not be duplicated. The rings are shown in the picture give you an idea of how your ring will look like. These rings will have a slim solder joint.

Made from recycled solid 14k gold.

If you would like this ring in a different width (slimmer or wider) or as a ring set please message me for a quote and custom listing.


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