Viking Garnet Engagement and Wedding Ring
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Viking Garnet Engagement and Wedding Ring


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The legendary warriors of Viking Culture had a strong belief in the power of red garnets. So much so, that they had often had them built into their swords and armour believing it will increase their fighting capabilities. The Viking Garnet Ring is an ideal engagement or promise ring ideal for women but suitable for men as well. It showcases a red that can only be depicted as blood red and yet provides a soothing powerful elegant experience suitable for everyday wear.  
It is one hundred percent hand made combining solid 14k yellow gold enclosure in bezel settings and a sterling silver band for the underlying structure which creates a stunning contrast of colours, further enriched with the cabochon blood red garnet. For those interested in birthstones and anniversaries, the Garnet is perfect for January as well as second and fifteenth anniversaries.  

  • 6mm in Diameter
  • Completely Handmade and Forged with Fire
  • Made to Order Based on Your Ring Size During Purchase
  • Personal Engraving Available Upon Order
  • 14k Yellow Gold Bezel Settings

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14K Gold, Gemstone, Sterling Silver