Viking engagement diamond ring
Raw Black Diamond Viking Engagement Ring
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Raw Black Diamond Viking Engagement Ring


  • Though being raw in shape and surface all gemstones have a shiny lustre. Diamonds A-D has a dark charcoal grey color. All others are a ‘true’ black.
  • The gemstone will be safely set in a closed bezel setting.
  • The ring band is 2.0mm wide with a molten surface, made from sterling silver. A matching shadow band is available.

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Unique, Viking style black diamond ring in black sterling silver.
A delicate ring that will make a perfect engagement ring, promise ring, and for everyday wear. Perfect to be worn alone or stacked with other rings.
Diamond is the April birthstone.

Made to order in your ring size > available diamonds:
Diamond A: 8x6mm, 2.06 carats – Diamond B: 9×5.5mm, 1.73 carats – Diamond C: 8×7.7mm, 2.25 carats
Diamond D: 9x6mm, 2.32 carats – Diamond E: 10×7.5mm, 2.4 carats – Diamond F: 8x6mm, 1.28 carats
Diamond G: 8.2×6.5mm, 1.5 carats -Diamond H: 8×7.5mm, 2.2 carats – Diamond I: 8.5×6.8mm, 1.73 carats

Diamond K: 8.3×8.3mm, 1.85 carats -Diamond L: 10×8.8mm, 3.05 carats -Diamond M: 9.7x8mm, 2.08 carats
Diamond N: 9×8.8mm, 3.03 carats – Diamond O: 8.8×8.5mm, 3.11 carats -Diamond P: 10.2×8.5mm, 2.15 carats
Diamond Q: 12x8mm, 3.7 carats -Diamond R: 10.7×8.2mm, 2.98 carats -Diamond S: 11.7x8mm, 4.88 carats
Diamond T:10.7x9mm, 5.16 carats -Diamond U:13.2x9mm, 4.19 carats


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