Unique Uncut Diamond Viking Ring for Engagement and Wedding
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Unique Uncut Diamond Viking Ring for Engagement and Wedding


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Most viking wedding rings offered today are missing a key factor, which is a diamond piece. But how could a diamond fit the rustic minimal style that viking culture is so known for? The answer is a stunning black silver with gold pebbles, and a 1 carat uncut silver white diamond.
This piece gets it rustic stunning appeal by incorporating two 14k gold pebbles meticulously placed on the sides of the uncut diamond.  The diamond is in its raw form, and is conflict free, measuring approximately 6.3x6mm and weights one carat.
The ring band measures at a thick 1.66mm ande made using sterling silver. The hand made forging and hammering process along with the black oxidation are proudly responsible for the stunning piece you see before you. The molten gold combined with the black silver band are measured at 7.5,mm width, and the piece is fitting of a size 9.25, but can be customized to both your particular taste and measurements.
If you’re as fan of the piece but worried about measurements, you need not worry.
Available sizes include: 9.25, 9.5, and 9.75
Personal engraving is also available, during the payment process.
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14K Gold, Diamond, Sterling Silver