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Mens viking wedding ring with rose gold and dark silver


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Showcasing the many contrasts of the viking culture, this Mens Viking Wedding Ring features a stunningly beautiful combination of bright rose gold and dark silver. Those who appreciate minimalism, but would like to maintain a powerful presence and beauty can appreciate this combination.

What truly makes this piece so unique is its use of layers. First one is a thick silver layer about 1.6 mm which is black oxidized. The next layer is a 3mm wide incorporation forged 14k . The surface is meticulously hand hammered, yet its edges are rounded for extra comfort. This is not a mass produced item, and it is completely hand made.  The material used is recycled for the purpose of not promoting mined usage.

Customizing the piece and incorporation different material additions is more than possible, it is welcome. Customizing options include but not are limited to :


Ring Size: 5 to 14

Ring Width: 4 to 12mm

Personal Engraving

Some of the customizing features will include an additional cost.

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