Viking Front / Hammered Gold Norse Wedding Ring with Organic Wave

Hammered Gold Norse Wedding Ring with Organic Wave


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Like the many contradictory aspects of the vikings culturally from fierce battles to fairy tail romances the Hammered Gold Viking Wedding Ring piece manages to bring about the true essence of viking culture.

It displays a gorgeous combination of the black sterling silver base adorned with 14k gold organically waved surrounding the ring band, resembling the ocean. A true combination of modern and historical that can be perfect for both men and women as it contains the masculine and feminine in all its wonder.

Unlike the majority of factory made Jewelry out there, this piece is completely hand crafted and its solid gold is hammered. The sterling silver black oxidized and is thick at 1.6mm which is initially softened, and eventually forged into the shape required.


  • If you have a preference for the type of gold you would like to incorporate into the design, you may choose between rose gold and yellow gold, both of which are 14k.
  • Width can be custom made from 7mm to 12mm, as well as its ring size.
  • Personal Engraving can also be made according to your wishes.

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