A Viking Necklace is not merely a representation of Viking art form. Despite the well-known adornment by both men and women in the Viking age which included rings, brooches, and earrings, necklaces as research shows us played a role as well.

Much like other forms of jewellery, the Vikings demonstrated their wealth, success and power in the means of necklaces decorated with beads, amulets, teeth, and other objects and materials. While women were more known to do this, men participated as well on a more rare basis. Men more often than not wore Thor’s Hammer, and other times scythes and other weapon variations.

Beads which were the most popular decoration of these necklaces were mostly made of glass, though some were also created using other materials such as amber.

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Handmade Thor Hammer with Wolf Heads Pendant Necklace


LineAve Viking Large Wolf Pendant Necklace


Mjolnir Thor Hammer Pewter Pendant with Dragon Head Necklace


Nordic Viking Mammen Axe Pendant for Men


Norse Mammen Viking Arrowhead Pendant Necklace


Norse Mammen Viking Art Pendant Necklace


Raven Skull Viking Pendant Necklace by Ladytree


Sterling Silver Viking Protection Necklace Pendant by Jewelry Trends 22″


Sterling Silver Viking Warrior Horn Pendant Necklace

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Thor Hammer Pewter Pendant with Dragon Head Necklace


Thor’s Hammer Leather Necklace With Bronze Pantera Heads

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