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Specializing in Viking wedding rings, bands, and engagement rings, as well as other jewelry of the Norse realm, is your ideal choice as a fan of the historical and mythical aspects of Viking culture. Up until recently, for historical accuracy the market offered mostly wedding bands, the resurgence of Vikings in popular culture brought with some truly breathtaking Viking inspired wedding rings.

These three categories vary in in intricacy and many times pricing. Whereas Wedding & Engagement are more intricate and incorporate more costly materials. Wedding Bands often showcase a more subtle, yet equally charming elegant and simpler end result. Of course all three of these categories can also serve additional purposes, such as friendship celebration, promise rings, family gifts, and so much more.

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Finding the ideal viking wedding ring or band is difficult enough when it comes to the classics, but what if you’re trying to do something truly unique, like incorporating the beauty and tenacity of Viking culture? Our process of elimination between pieces that we deem unworthy and those that we are proud to carry is not complex, yet extremely effective.

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We feel that the vikings have been poorly represented in modern culture, especially when it comes to the lack of celebration of the romantic aspect of the culture and their contribution towards our own development. Unfortunately nowadays Vikings are portrayed as animalistic simpletons that were only good for fighting and pillaging, that is simply wrong.  

One aspect of Viking Culture that definitely deserves to be celebrated is their sense of beauty, craftsmanship and artistry and romanticism. And what better way to share this than with viking rings used for wedding ceremonies and other inspiring jewelry pieces.

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First, we look at the quality of the materials. Second, the level of craftsmanship, and third, reliability. We look through the available motifs and styles, as well as the different materials incorporated in Viking inspired jewelry. The use of sterling silver, followed by combinations of old uncut, raw diamonds and gemstones, or oxidized metals. Gaining more traction and impressing others is the increase in popularity of hand forged jewellery which may take a while longer to create and ship, but provides something remarkable with increased longevity. 

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Celebrate your love the viking way, with gorgeous his and hers viking ring sets, be it for wedding, engagement, or relationship celebration.


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